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A2E Official Rules

  • Feedback
    As a forum that's focused on editing and designing, feedback is important here on the forum. So please leave atleast a 2 sentence review telling the user what you liked and/or didn't like. Posts such as "Great" or "Horrible" doesn't help the user and is considered spamming here. For more information on leaving appropriate feedback, go to this link,
    Feedback Rules

  • Prohibited Content
    No sort of mature, pornographic material is allowed here(videos, images, etc..). It's not a focus of this forum or wanted, also against the terms of violation on Zetaboards. So posting it(rather on your sig space or posting on a thread) will result in a warning or if necessary an automatic ban from the board.

  • Advertising
    Advertising is limited on A2E. You cannot openly advertise(posting on your sig or mentioning it on a thread or post) your forum or outside websites here. You are allowed to place your link under the profile settings were it is viewable when members view your profile. We do allow you to openly advertise personal profile pages such as twitter, youtube and deviantart.

  • Spamming
    Spamming can be defined as useless posts, one word posts, posts that have nothing to do with the topic, and multiple posts. To avoid multiple posts, please use the edit feature. If found spamming the offender will be dealt with per our warning procedures.

  • Flaming
    We do have a flaming area, I guess if you want to vent about something, state your issues in that area only. Flaming, in most basic terms, is insulting another member without justification or concern for the other person's feelings. Comments that may not seem offensive to you may be so to another user, think before you post. Doing so in any area besides the flaming area will result in a warning of all offenders as seen fit by the staff.

  • Bumping
    Bumping is replying to a topic that has not had a post in it for more than a month. Therefore, you may not reply to a topic that has not had a post for more than 2 months, however, there are three exceptions to this rule. You may bump pinned topics and recent announcements. Bumping is also permitted if you haven't received any feedback on your work(video or graphics) or thread with a limit of one bump after a 24 hour waiting period.

  • Ripping
    Ripping is defined as claiming someone else's work to be your own or editing someone else's work without first acquiring permission. Punishments are much more severe for ripping and offenders will receive a warning and a 1 day ban. As a showcase forum, members want to view your skill rather that be in video editing or graphic designing, so those who take time to review something that's not yours means they wasted their time. Also not showing consideration to the actual person you're ripping from.

  • Shoutbox
    As most know this feature is for guys to have live, random discussions on the forum. They are limited rules set for this, but those to overflow the box with foolish shouts or baiting will be warned. Have fun but please don't take advantage of the feature of this forum, cause it can be removed.

Your Account

  • Respect Administrator's/Moderators of this board
    We deal with alot of issues on a daily basics, so please try to respect the guys who are trying to run this forum calmly. We all(Staff) respect all the members here, so we expect the same from the members. If you do have some disagreement with you being warned, just talk with them respectfully and give your argument, no need to act harshly over it. Disregarding this rule will result in a warning or banning.

  • Personal Messaging Content
    If anyone sends you message violating any of the above rules or has sent you an advertisement regarding their website or forum, Forward it to a member of staff who will then see to punishing the offending user.

  • Signature Sizes
    Members are allowed to use 2 signatures here. Sizes are usually small in this community(440px × 145px average) so try to stay within that range. Just so the loading process will be faster for members here.

  • Multiple Accounts
    Multiple accounts are allowed, as long as the user has proper justification for having more than one account. If a user is found to have another account to avoid a punishment or warn level increase, the offending account(s) will be removed and you will receive a warning. Also, we do not allow multiple accounts for impersonation purposes or acting as a different person to avoid punishments or other things of such content.


  • Warning System Procedure
    If a user is caught breaking the rules, they will first be given a verbal warning. This means that a staff member will reply to a post with a message asking them to kindly stop doing what they are doing. If the user continues to break the rules, they will be warned via the warning system. If the main offense is large enough, the user may be warned from the start. From there on out, there is a 3-strike rule before you are banned indefinitely.

    • Members will be banned for 5 days(if necessary by staff) for their 1st warning.

    • Members will be banned for 10 days(without consideration) for their 2nd warning.

    • Once you reach your 3rd warning, you will be banned indefinitely.

    • Your warnings will be removed if you haven't broken any rules after a 30 day period.

  • Reporting to a Member of Staff
    If you find someone to be breaking the Rules, simply use the Report function at the bottom of each post rather than making an unnecessary useless post.

Last Edited - July 4th, 2011