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Reviewing a user video is pretty important, especially when helping them progress there work rather it's in pure editing or creativity. So when you decide to post a comment on someone video, please think before you type, here are some tips when coming up with an accurate review.

-Be constructive. It is better to write what you liked, did not like and how they can improve the video. Don't be overly harsh, but being too nice won't do much for the editor either if you have strong concerns over a video. Have a good balance.

-Try to base your opinions of a video on the following:

  • Rather or not the video was able to fully deliver on concept or storytelling.
  • The quality of synchronization or 'sync' for short(matching actions happening on the screen and the rhythmic structure of music is used).
  • Compatibility of music and video. Was you able to see a connection between the two or did you just see clips placed on top of a random song?
  • The overall quality of video and sound. Make sure you mention if you feel that the quality of either the video or sound(song choice, quotes/voiceover) is an issue.
  • Fully understanding and following the tempo of there song selection.
  • Technical complexity of the video (the creation of relevant effects, the use of transitions, overall structure.)

By following these guidelines, you will be able to help the user abit more than being overly harsh or posting one-word replies. We're all here to learn and progress, guys reviewing based on agendas and not complying by the editors actual work will not help them and won't do much for you either. We're all here to help and progress, no one wants to stay at the same level year after year, so helping one another will help all of us progress our work.

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A2E on Social Meida
Sep 24 2015, 02:32 AM

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