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    Wrestling WWE 2K: Styles vs Hardy (NOC Promo)

    The promo for my next match for the WHC. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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    iam back

    Welcome back!!
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    WrestleMania 35 Discussion Thread

    I wouldn’t say awful but not the best card they could put together. I agree with these points tho. They always try to cram as many people as they can on the card when they should be pushing hottest/best WRESTLERS on the card. The long show time doesn’t help either because the crowd is gonna be...
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    Count to 1,000

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    Wrestler vs Wrestler

    Charlotte vs Trish Stratus
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    Count to 1,000

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    Count to 2020 before 2020

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    Editing software preference

    I started out using Sony Vegas pretty heavy, but I switched to Adobe Premeire around 2012 and haven’t switched since. I mostly got it to try something new and be able to use Twitch and Magic Bullet.
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    WrestleMania 35 Discussion Thread

    Should be a cool night although I’ll admit I’m not super excited about it. Some matches have a lot of potential, but sometimes WWE just makes weird (and bad) booking decisions. Hopefully, they let the talent shine in the ring and we get some classics because I feel like it’s been a long time...
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    Star Ratings

    Ratings for TLC? Bryan/Ali/Owens - ****1/4 Shield vs Corbin/McIntyre/Lashley - ***1/2 Joe/Truth/Mysterio/Andrade - ***3/4 RAW Tag Title Match - ***1/2 SD Tag Title Match - *** Everything is else was eh.
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    Count to 2020 before 2020

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    Count to 1,000

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    Hello Again BAYBAY!

    Welcome, Nina!!