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    Official Card

    I agree. This is a very lit way to welcome in the new year. Can't wait till the voting begins!!!
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    Darn right, he's back!!!

    Darn right, he's back!!!
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    WWE Discussion Thread

    A very intriguing design to add to the already intriguing Survivor Series.
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    Wrestling Melina - Com Calma

    Amazing video, yo!!!
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    Wrestling Undertaker AEW Debut (Promo)

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    Hey! This is DaROKO

    Welcome back, dude!!!
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    Wrestling Randy Orton - Music Video "LIFE CYCLES" ᴴᴰ

    So much to say about this one. Great use of freeze frame sync, sync itself was on point & the effects were timed very well without it diminishing the quality of the video. Well done.
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    WWE Discussion Thread

    I agree. If NXT really wants to kick things off in a high gear, they need to go to where the atmosphere is electric and where fanbases of any sport are always jacked for action.
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    Welcome to Addicted....2...Editing!!!
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    Wrestler vs Wrestler

    Mandy Rose vs. Ember Moon
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    What is the worst thing you've ever spent money on?

    Plastic toy soldiers.
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    Last MV You Watched?

    I've seen wrestling MVs, but this one adds art to the artistry found in todays videos. Thinking about what we'll see in VideoMania has me hoping something like this will come out.
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    A2E Mediafire

    Appreciate ya, dude.
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    VideoMania X - Official Card

    A very VERY stacked lineup! Can't wait!!
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    Tag Team Championship Match

    TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH CPZero vs. Soulfrost X ArgudenHLS vs. STS & Everett CPZero- Love the name of this duo, btw. Wow, what can I say about this video except...I need more like this in my life. Synching was solid, pacing was very well kept with every change in tone and the aesthetics were...