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    Does anyone know if you can change your username on these forums?

    I can change your username, but not the users as it's not a feature on Xenforo. Pretty sure there might be an addon I can add, but for now users can't do it themselves.
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    Any OG's still around?

    I named the forum after you
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    Any OG's still around?

    Not active, but there are a few guys from the old A2E server that signed up (WCWsux, rabbethan, Rawm, eborik, Neo, HHHBK, Jflo, etc). Moved to the new server over a year ago.
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    Any OG's still around?

    I started posting my stuff on Final Product forum ran by Rawm2000 and a few others.
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    Any OG's still around?

    Was a member of Wrestlefury in late 04 if my memory serves me. I was also a member of Staticmedia/fury and Sledgehammer forums. Didn't post my stuff until 2005.
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    A2E Mediafire

    You can send it to me via mediafire.
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    Any OG's still around?

    Would I count? Probably won't.
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    Sign Up Thread

    A2E Presents: VideoMania XI Due Date: August 13th, 2020 Event Date: August 17th, 2020 A2E proudly presents its eleventh edition of VideoMania that'll take place on August 17th, 2020. Post below if you want to be apart of the competition. Please be specific if you want to create something...
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    Wrestling Io Shirai Custom Titantron

    This was a solid tron. I did like how you started the video and the nameplate was fine though it ran a bit too long. Cutting it maybe 3 seconds would've helped the pacing some. Clip selection was a bit of an issue throughout. Couldn't really follow what was happening as there were too many...
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    Welcome back man. Glad you found the new place.
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    Welcome back. New server, so everyone had to make new accounts. Competitions aren't being done at the moment.
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    How is everybody holding up during this time?

    Yeah, daily temperature screening is pointless cause it can spread from those that are asymptomatic like you said. It's something cause people will show up sick, but it's the last resort in this case.
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    How is everybody holding up during this time?

    Is daily testing being administered at your plant? Based on the news I'm doubting it, but just makes things worse as I know there's little you can do besides quit which is hard given the current situation.
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    How is everybody holding up during this time?

    Unfortunate that you guys have to work under the current conditions.