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  1. Midnight Jazz

    Practicing the Pentool [Warning: Large Files]

    Really loving the look of the vector graphics. I may do more and post more here.
  2. Midnight Jazz

    Sports GHOST [2019 Michael Jordan MV]

    Thank you for watching!
  3. Midnight Jazz

    Hot Take: Do Titantrons have a future in video editing?

    There really isn't a hot take but more of an overview of what the state of trons is like through my eyes. I've been taking note of the titantron making community especially the recent tron competition here in A2E and couldn't help myself but make some comments. I never had a good idea on how...
  4. Midnight Jazz

    Your GFX timelines

    Post some of your oldest and most recent work side by side. I love to look back at it every now and then. People can't appreciate their work until they take a quick look back at where they started. 2009 2010 2010 2013
  5. Midnight Jazz

    Sentimental vs. Melancholy

    In my opinion theres a fine line between the two. Both provoke an emotional cause with both having its pros and cons in a video. I argue melancholy has more of an edge over the former. Sentimental has more of a retrospective outlook. It is more reflective in a tribute sense. When used it could...
  6. Midnight Jazz

    Wrestling Butter [A$AP Rocky Freestyle]

    Thank you for watching.
  7. Midnight Jazz

    Hot Take: Rhythm & Melody

    Is it even possible to have pace, flow, tempo, etc without rhythm and melody? I feel like the whole video falls apart after that fact. And no this isn't about 100 clips per minute or psychedelic editing or other flashy things but strictly about smoothness. 30 seconds into a video without I...
  8. Midnight Jazz

    what it do

    For those who don't know me (everyone) whose wondering why I'm on staff, I'd like to formally introduce myself. Been in the scene for 10 years. Big AMV enthusiast which in turn lead me to my other hobby wrestling so this was naturally where I branched off. I've moderated back in 2010-2011...
  9. Midnight Jazz

    THE CITY [GSW 2018-2019]

    Another manip.
  10. Midnight Jazz

    Backstage News On Brock Lesnar's WWE Future Or they could've had a match ala like Goldberg/Lesnar at WM33. Short but pretty exciting. A good match would've propelled everyone but WWE were hell bent on having an awful show and booking wrestlers to...
  11. Midnight Jazz

    WWE responds to reports of Daniel Bryan & John Cena not working Crown Jewel

    While Crown Jewel appears to good go, there still remains questions about which wrestlers will be working the event. Heading into the event the two biggest questions marks are Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Earlier in the week multiple reports pointed to Cena being out of the event in Saudi...
  12. Midnight Jazz

    Error: You don't have permission

    I created an account a few days ago but couldn't see anything when logged in only the message above. Could not look in any of the forums. I had to create a second account. Hopefully its just me.
  13. Midnight Jazz

    WWE Reportedly Looking at Alternative Venues for Crown Jewel Can't say I'm surprised. The fact wwe has yet to say anything publicly makes them look...