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    Last MV You Watched?

    i like
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    WWE Discussion Thread

    One of many problems really. There is laziness and complacency (it is hard to run a billion dollar company with consistent quality) and then there is whatever we're watching now. Laziness is expected and maybe understandable. Laziness would be monthly tournaments where at least it writes...
  3. Midnight Jazz

    Official Results for Fusion '19

    My votes: Team Old school & soulfrost x & argudenhighlights Pretty good throwback match for the main event with the songs. I don't believe there is a definitive line between old school and new school just yet so that was for sure wasn't any part of the reason of the vote. I thought Team Old...
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    The Knicks would trade away Jesus christ for coupons

    The Knicks would trade away Jesus christ for coupons
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    Practicing the Pentool [Warning: Large Files]

    Really loving the look of the vector graphics. I may do more and post more here.
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    Discussion Thread

    Alright how you want me to review? Critical or bitchy? Theres only two settings.
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    WWE Discussion Thread

    I'm fine with having all their wrestlers on an even plain but honestly it feels the roster is in a hole that they can't climb out of. All their decisions have made all their stars subpar looking and they can't seem to maximize potential at all. Asuka submits Becky clean at the Rumble and is...
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    Rate your Wrestling Fandom

    Considering I'm still around it has to be a 9/10 or even arguably a 10/10. Even with WWE turning its back on me with nonsensical drivel, I'm still aware of most things happening. I went to Wrestlemania 31 live after not sitting through a full show for years nor did I follow much of the feuds. If...
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    Voting Thread | WrestleMania Recap Challenge

    Pehrox Match Recap - 2 Match Transition - 3 Editing Technique - 2 Highlight Rate - 2 Presentation - 3 Total - 13/25 Soulfrost X Match Recap - 4 Match Transition - 4 Editing Technique - 4 Highlight Rate - 4 Presentation - 4 Total - 20/25 Argudenhls Match Recap - 5 Match Transition - 4 Editing...
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    hot take incoming...?

    hot take incoming...?
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    Last MV You Watched?

    Current fave editors
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    Hot Take: Do Titantrons have a future in video editing?

    Oh yea for sure. I do think going for a good distinct visual would really add character to said video but I know what you mean by abusing. A big part of why I went over the origins of the titantron was because I wasn't really sure what the "editing side" was. Titantrons is a medium that...
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    Sports GHOST [2019 Michael Jordan MV]

    Thank you for watching!
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    Hot Take: Do Titantrons have a future in video editing?

    If in the future it becomes a fx eye candy battle, than that is completely understandable. Because going through extra lengths and efforts really stretches the boundaries of what is and what is not a titantron. That would be the dilemma.
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    Hot Take: Do Titantrons have a future in video editing?

    There really isn't a hot take but more of an overview of what the state of trons is like through my eyes. I've been taking note of the titantron making community especially the recent tron competition here in A2E and couldn't help myself but make some comments. I never had a good idea on how...
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    WrestleMania 35 Discussion Thread

    Wrestlemania was exactly how it played out in my head. By the end I felt every wrestler on the roster was in a hole meaning everyone didn't look like superstars. I like the short Brock matches actually. His last handful of bouts were exciting and meaningful. If they were going to have Brock...
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    WrestleMania 35 Discussion Thread

    Awful might be over exaggerating it because talent would be giving their 110% just to keep their head above water. Even then they can't fight that WWE very nonchalantly burys a lot of their matches. They buried the Joe/Mysterio and Orton/AJ Styles matches just by having Kofi Kingston kill...
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    Your GFX timelines

    Post some of your oldest and most recent work side by side. I love to look back at it every now and then. People can't appreciate their work until they take a quick look back at where they started. 2009 2010 2010 2013