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    In for Singles (Wrestling)
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    Why JordanMVs "Lose you to Love me" was better than Olraid's "Dangerous" video

    Holy crap, thank you so much for this. I really am just happy to continue building on my editing each time I create something and seeing what I've done in my decade of editing is mind boggling. I really, really appreciate your kind words about my Sasha video; it's probably one of my favorite...
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    Wrestling Fly - Alexa Bliss MV

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    Sign Up Thread

    Wrestling, singles!
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    Packs Seth Rollins

    Thank you!
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    Wrestling "Mella Is Money" - Carmella MV

    New video I made for Carmella, hope you enjoy!
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    Wrestling "The Greatest Show"

    Created a fun collaboration with my friend Megan, inspired by "The Greatest Show" that was redone by Panic!
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    Wrestling Hey Look Ma, I Made It! - Torrie Wilson MV

    Just finished this the other day in part of Torrie Wilson being inducted into the Hall Of Fame!
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    Goals For 2019

    I do actually. Goals: - Keep working on my physique in the gym (possibly wanting to do a competition in the next few years). - Finding a new job outside of retail. - Working on my overall mental health; being more positive, working on bad habits and just enjoying life more. - Work on getting...
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    Members count up, Staff count down

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    Post Your Desktop

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    Wrestling Woman Like Me

    Just a fun little collaboration with Cameron, Merry Christmas everyone!