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    A2E Mediafire

    Appreciate ya, dude.
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    VideoMania X - Official Card

    A very VERY stacked lineup! Can't wait!!
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    Tag Team Championship Match

    TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH CPZero vs. Soulfrost X ArgudenHLS vs. STS & Everett CPZero- Love the name of this duo, btw. Wow, what can I say about this video except...I need more like this in my life. Synching was solid, pacing was very well kept with every change in tone and the aesthetics were...
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    Team New School vs Team Old School

    TEAM NEW SCHOOL VS. OLD SCHOOL Team New School- What else can one say about this video except...Wowzers. What did I love about this? The intro was a great touch since it opened the gates for the rest of the video's awesomeness. Syncing was well done even creative in some instances, pacing was on...
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    Self Projects I had love but i did not feel it

    Unexpected, but VERY good. Can't wait to see more.
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    Wrestling Ashley Massaro : Freedom

    Your sync was really good, flow was solidly kept and effects were timed decently. Keep it up.
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    make some suggestions

    I don't know if this has ever been done, but perhaps music video events where it's independent wrestling themed.
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    Wrestling Becky Lynch: Waking Lions

    I agree with the previous vote. For a 30 second video, most I've seen are in the 1 minute district, this exceeded expectation. Could've used some backstage Becky stuff, but other than that, not bad, not bad.
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    Official Card

    I got my fingers on the keyboards for voting!!!
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    Welcome back, dude.
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    Hey guys, anyone getting random messages from spam sites? Seems like a swarm of posts too.

    Hey guys, anyone getting random messages from spam sites? Seems like a swarm of posts too.
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    iam back

    Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing what videos you create.
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    Sports Golden State Warriors HYPE Video

    That's my legend doing that. You still got it, bro. Congrats on the Golden State production stuff!!
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    Two Hour Edit Challenge Winner: LeanyMcMeany

    I concur with the review above. I mean, to give a project 2 hours and for a video of this magnitude to be the final product? That's...a thing of goodness. Solidly edited video, dude.
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    It's your old friend

    The man, the myth, the legend!!!
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    Wrestling Butter [A$AP Rocky Freestyle]

    Midnight Jazz. Well, what can I say? To say that your skills are improving every video would be like asking a rhetorical question. Of course they are. Pacing was well kept, video effects were used in goodness without coming off as flashy or over saturated and syncing was very good especially...
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    Official Card & Discussion Thread

    Best of luck everyone.
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    Anybody else feel old now??

    Oh...snap, it's Blade. Welcome back, dude.
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    Wrestling Alicia Fox MV - XO (Remix)

    I agree, you don't always see many Alicia Fox MVs around lately, but this was definitely a banger for sure. Video editing skills were cool, the aesthetics were awesome and not too blinding and you kept the pace and tone solidly. Well done, dude.
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    Hello there

    Addicted2Editing, my name is L1ukangst. As in Liu Kangst. I've been scouring the YouTube land and have been a fan of WWE MVs for as long as maybe 7 years. Hoping to give some critique to some videos here in the A2E's.