1. T

    Wrestling 205 Live - Swerve vs. Breeze (First Time Trying This)

    Hey all...I'm pretty much a novice at this sort of thing, but I wanted to give it a shot for the first time. The footage was ripped at low quality, so there's issues at times with how uhh...crisp(?) it looks. Anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to learn and get better.
  2. divaforever20

    Wrestling Shad Gaspard: Da Beast

    I keep trying to come out of video editing retirement but sometimes it's really hard.
  3. silvermalin

    Help With Effects

    If you see a cool effect in a video and want to know how to do it, ask here and someone who knows may help you.
  4. silvermalin

    What is your favorite not wrestling MV ?

    This is mine:
  5. silvermalin

    AJ Lee Media Request

    I downloaded the highlight reel that's been linked here, but I may need more. Thanks in advance.