AJ Styles - 2017-2019 Highlight Reel

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    AJ Styles Highlight Reel - Made By Freakin' Adam

    Contains Entrances, Moves, Facial Expressions and Video Packages from Survivor Series 2017 up to WrestleMania 35, with all of his RAW matches since the Superstar Shake-Up and some SmackDown matches

    Size - 7.96 GB total
    -Entrances: 1.75 GB
    -Moves: 2.28 GB
    -Facial Expressions: 2.01 GB
    -Video Packages: 1.90 GB

    Length - 2:19:12 hours total
    -Entrances: 30:41 mins
    -Moves: 39:57 mins
    -Facial Expressions: 35:12 mins
    -Video Packages: 33:22 mins

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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