April Challenge: WrestleMania Recap


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A2E's 10th Annual WrestleMania Recap Challenge

Addicted2Editing will host its 10th Annual Wrestlemania Recap Challenge. This is not limited to just WrestleMania 35. Those that want to participate have the option to recap any major Pro Wrestling event that happened during WrestleMania Week (Raw & SD after Mania, NXT, NJPW ROH, etc).​

Who can enter:
The contest is open to all members.

Due Date:
April 30th. 2019. Please send your entry to @Video Guy with the title 'Monthly Challenge April'.

All who participate (actually turn in a video) can request a pack of a wrestler of their choosing.
Winner of the challenge can request a Highlight Reel featuring up to 3 wrestlers.

Past winners
Wrestlemania 26 Challenge: Leelee
Wrestlemania 27 Challenge: Lincant
Wrestlemania 28 Challenge: Leelee
Wrestlemania 29 Challenge: BestWannaBe (Provide link if you have it available)
Wrestlemania 30 Challenge: BestWannaBe (Provide link if you have it available)
Wrestlemania 31 Challenge: Leelee
Wrestlemania 32 Challenge: SWL
Wrestlemania 33 Challenge: Paroxysm
Wrestlemania 34 Challenge: SLK
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Ill attempt it I guess always never have the motivation to finish a recap video though.

Rumour has it if we get more than 5 sign ups @YOHAN will enter ;)