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Important Info Battle Royal Rules


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Oct 19, 2018
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Each participant will be randomly assigned an entry number which determines at what point the editor will be entering the battle royal (similar to the Royal Rumble). We will start with the first two entrants, one of them will be eliminated and then the third entrant will come in. Each pair will have 5 days of voting until we move on to the next entrant. So for example:

Entrant 1 vs Entrant 2 (5 days of voting) - Entrant 1 wins
Entrant 1 vs Entrant 3 (5 days of voting) - Entrant 3 wins
Entrant 3 vs Entrant 4 (5 days of voting) - and so on...

Voting Rules
So for your vote to count, you would rate each video according to these 5 categories to determine who you vote for.

So what does this mean for the actual voting? The traditional voting is still allowed but in addition with only 5 days of voting per pair, we decided to have a faster, more concise system as well and this is where the rating system comes in, 5 categories worth 10 points each as follows:

- Syncing (the general sync of the video whether that comes down to hitting the beat, going with the percussion, the lyrics or otherwise)

- Pacing (the overall pace of the video, did it seem to flow seamlessly? too slow? too fast? all these sorts of considerations)

- Clip Selection (were the chosen clips appropriate and fitting for the video at all its various stages, try and consider the themes of the video as well)

- Presentation/Aesthetic (the overall look of the video and how it was presented including the structure and video arc)

- Overall Entertainment (the most subjective category, consider how much you enjoyed the video personally)

Again, to clarify further with an example:

The first pair -
Entrant 1 vs Entrant 2:

I rate Entrant 1's video as follows:

Synching - 6/10
Pacing - 7/10
Clip Selection - 9/10
Presentation/Aesthetic - 5/10
Overall Entertainment - 7/10

and Entrant 2's video as follows:

Synching - 5/10
Pacing - 5/10
Clip Selection - 7/10
Presentation/Aesthetic - 4/10
Overall Entertainment - 4/10

This process would then start all over again for the next pair. For those who've already rated the video that is moving on, this will be a simple matter of copy/pasting and only having to rate the new entrant's video, this will be very convenient. We will therefore keep going until the last pair and the winner of that becoming the new Phoenix Champion.

If you still have any questions regarding voting or the battle royals, feel free to ask within this thread.
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