Challenge #2: Intro Remake


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Oct 19, 2018
A2E's Monthly Challenge

March Challenge: Intro Remake

Ever thought, I can create a better cold open than what WWE produced? Well, here's you chance to show off your abilities. These intros has to create the feel and emotion of a show in only 30 to 40 seconds, so everything matters. From the song choice to proper use of footage and editing, it's all has to work to draw in the audience.

  • Must only feature wrestlers from the WWE Roster. It's easier to grab media from WWE as it's available in the number of platforms, so no one is at a disadvantage.
  • Please stick to a 35-40 second time limit. Should be more than enough time to create something in that length.
  • Not limited to only using songs the WWE has used now or in the past. If you're ambitious enough, use your own song choice.
  • WWE graphics must be used. Making your own designs isn't prohibited. Think you're capable to making your own logo and/or designs, feel free to do so.

Who can enter:
The contest is open to all members.

Due Date:
March 31st. 2019. Please send your entry to @Video Guy with the title 'Monthly Challenge March'.

All who participate (actually turn in a video) can request a pack of a wrestler of their choosing.
Winner of the challenge can request a Highlight Reel featuring up to 3 wrestlers.
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