Easier way to convert most video formats


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Oct 19, 2018
Originally posted by @YOHAN

Hey All,

Wanted to share this method of converting footage I've been using for a while. It allows me to convert video files, sometimes even full mkv files in under 5 or 10 minutes without losing any image quality. Gratefully most torrented media is now mostly .mp4 but you will sometimes get that odd ball file that you have to toy with. So here's how I convert footage now.

First, download Avidemux. This is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux.

Next, Import your footage like normal. If you're converting mkv files, this may take longer.

Then, Leave your video output as "Copy" It should already be like this when you start but if it isn't then change it to copy.

Next (Optional), You change the audio output to "AAC (Lav)". No need to configure the audio settings.

Then under Output Format, change the format to "mp4 Muxer"

Optional step, you can cut individual pieces of the file using the bracket buttons on your keyboard "[ (in point),] (outpoint)"

At this point, press save.

THIS IS CRUCIAL. Type out your file name, then end the name of the file with ".mp4". Then save.

Let me know how this works for people. I'll sexy up the post if this works


Oct 25, 2018
Guys when I converted Galveston (It's a movie) I had no problems with it, but when I try to convert some Stranger Things episodes they all get glitchy and shaky...Any ideas how to fix it?