Hot Take: Rhythm & Melody

Midnight Jazz

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Oct 23, 2018
San Mateo, California
What’s their perspective. I’m intrigued.
The one difference here and amv's that I can see is that the amv community are more music heavy. All source of footage are there to serve the music and be its counter part. Story will climax when the songs climax, footage will emote with the melody of song, etc.

Since being back, here has been more on the sentimental side with more "tributes".
This speaks for itself. They already hold big international amv contests like Anime Expo and Akross.
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Oct 21, 2018
This was all neat to read and as a former amv editor switched to wrestling that style doesn't translate so well at times for me this was like a reset lol.

I never put much thought into any of this. Personally, I just try to find a pace in the song like counting out the beats in a segment generally ends up like 1,2! 1,2! or in a lot of faster songs, you'll hear a more 1,2,3,4! i find all sections can be synced like that unless the tone changes, example being something like a slower pace section with rapid small beats and only a couple of distinct beats, it would be better in a lot of cases to just ignore those rapid ones and just use the larger beats to sync to changing one clip at a time not syncing in the middle of the clip like you may with a move or expression in a chorus section depending on people's varying style of course but that's how I always thought of it I just never tried to put it into words before and you guys all covered it and more a good read for anyone learning the basics without all that all the flashy stuff is useless.

TLDR version: I agree if you're not considering the tempo and melody your missing out.