Journey of a wrestler

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    A role play game. Pick one of the options from above and then give a couple more options (2-5). Kind of similar to the WWE My Career Mode but on A2E so it is better. We will restart if we run out of options.

    Lee: What gender are you:
    - Male
    - Female

    STS: Male

    Where does your journey begin?
    - UK
    - Canada
    - Japan
    - Germany
    - United States

    Paroxysm: Japan

    Which promotion are you signed too?
    - NJPW
    - Stardom
    - AJPW

    Everette: NJPW

    Where do you make your debut?
    - Wrestle Kingdom
    - Dominion
    - G1 Supercard

    I will start.

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon has just signed you to a World Wrestling Entertainment. Which role do you play?

    -Trainee in the PC

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