MEP - Shadow Moses (7 parts + short Intro)

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    There is no real theme behind this one, just edit whoever you want. If you choose to make the intro you can also pick a part from the song to edit as well. I know there is a competition happening right now, so I have not set a deadline for your parts, just send them to me whenever you are ready, don't rush anything and take your videos for the competition as a priority. Please don't change the volume of any of the parts, you can use voiceovers if you want.

    Also I'm sorry but I can't show you a preview of the parts, you will have to download them to see how long they are and how they sound. The longest part is Part 4 (00:41) and the shortest is Part 2 (00:21), the intro is only 8 seconds long. Have fun.

    Part 1 - Silvermalin - TBD
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 - STS - TBD
    Part 5 -
    Part 6 -
    Part 7 -
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    Part 4 - decide later
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