Official Card


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Official card for Fusion 2019
Held May 20th, 2019
Due Date: May 17th, 2019

Team Old School vs. Team New School
Team Old School

Mystery Partner

Team New School
@soulfrost x

Tag Team Title Match
CPZero [ @CheeZe & @Paroxysm] vs. @sts & @Everette vs. @soulfrost x & @argudenhighlights

Six Man Tag
@BrokenKR, @LeanyMcMeany & @Toshith Production vs @sts, @Resolution & @EFMV

*Note: Ultimate MEP was scrapped.

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Am I the first guy in A2E to ever be in every match on the card? Good luck everyone lets make this great!


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Pushing the date of the event slightly to the 20th of May. So due date is on Friday. If you're finished with your videos or have any questions, please contact me or any other staff member as soon as possible.