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Official Competition Rules


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Oct 19, 2018
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All participants must vote in a minimum of half the matches to avoid voting deductions. If you do not vote in at least half of the matches being showcased in each event, a vote will be deducted from your overall tally (ie. if you only vote in 4 of the 12 matches showcased, you will be deducted two votes as you were supposed to vote in six matches). If you fail to do this for two consecutive competitions, you will be banned from A2E's next event, no exceptions. You must leave 2 or more lines of feedback for the matches or use the rating system and then vote for who you think produced the better video.

Preshow Late Entries: Those that do not have a video done by the posting of the preshow have three days to turn it in with notice beforehand. Won't accept entries after three days.

Late Entries: Those that do not have a video done by the posting of the event have three days to turn it in with notice beforehand. After the third day, each day without your video is a vote deduction. Won't accept entries after seven days.

If you vote in every match (including the preshow), you won't be punished votes for being late.

Rating Method works as follows:

- Synchronize (the general sync of the video whether that comes down to hitting the beat, going with the percussion, the lyrics or otherwise)

- Pacing (the overall pace of the video, did it seem to flow seamlessly? too slow? too fast? all these sorts of considerations)

- Clip Selection (were the chosen clips appropriate and fitting for the video at all its various stages, try and consider the themes of the video as well)

- Presentation/Aesthetic (the overall look of the video and how it was presented including the structure and video arc)

- Overall Entertainment (the most subjective category, consider how much you enjoyed the video personally)

Each one of these 5 categories is worth 10 points each so for your vote to count, you would rate each video according to these 5 categories to determine who you vote for. Again, to clarify further with an example:

Editor 1 vs Editor 2:

I rate Editor 1's video as follows:

Synching - 6/10
Pacing - 7/10
Clip Selection - 9/10
Presentation/Aesthetic - 5/10
Overall Entertainment - 7/10

and Editor 2's video as follows:

Synching - 5/10
Pacing - 5/10
Clip Selection - 7/10
Presentation/Aesthetic - 4/10
Overall Entertainment - 4/10

My vote would therefore go to: Editor 1


Review method works as follows:

If you decide to stick to traditional feedback use this as a helpful guideline:

Reviewing a user video is pretty important, especially when helping them progress there work rather it's in pure editing or creativity. So when you decide to post a comment on someone video, please think before you type, here are some tips when coming up with an accurate review.

-Be constructive. It is better to write what you liked, did not like and how they can improve the video. Don't be overly harsh, but being too nice won't do much for the editor either if you have strong concerns over a video. Have a good balance.

-Try to base your opinions of a video on the following:
  • Rather or not the video was able to fully deliver on concept or storytelling.
  • The quality of synchronization or 'sync' for short(matching actions happening on the screen and the rhythmic structure of music is used).
  • Compatibility of music and video. Was you able to see a connection between the two or did you just see clips placed on top of a random song?
  • The overall quality of video and sound. Make sure you mention if you feel that the quality of either the video or sound(song choice, quotes/voiceover) is an issue.
  • Fully understanding and following the tempo of there song selection.
  • Technical complexity of the video (the creation of relevant effects, the use of transitions, overall structure.)

By following these guidelines, you will be able to help the user a bit more than being overly harsh or posting one-word replies. We're all here to learn and progress, guys reviewing based on agendas and not complying by the editors actual work will not help them and won't do much for you either. We're all here to help and progress, no one wants to stay at the same level year after year, so helping one another will help all of us progress our work.


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