Official Results for Fusion '19

Midnight Jazz

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Oct 23, 2018
San Mateo, California
My votes: Team Old school & soulfrost x & argudenhighlights

Pretty good throwback match for the main event with the songs. I don't believe there is a definitive line between old school and new school just yet so that was for sure wasn't any part of the reason of the vote. I thought Team Old had a much safer song where it builds and explodes just like it needed to be. The build was interesting enough for it not to get tedious an I thought the climax was worth the wait. Team New school had a great execution of the retro look but it wasn't enough imo.

My personal nitpick: I thought New School had a song that was just out of their element. I've been trying to search for the right words and it came down to the video featuring a pretty broken rhythm. A broken rhythm in which it just denied the upbeat nature of the track. And so it never had the energy or character it should've had. And it was a pretty long video. The throwback look was great but not nearly enough to carry it imo. I love NXT but the highlights here weren't profound enough to warrant it.

I found that the @soulfrost x & @argudenhighlights and CPZero videos also carried similar issues I had with the Team New School video however the overall aesthetically pleasing and exaggerated edits made for a prettier looking watch. I've been following @sts & @Everette for a while and like what I see but the song choice here was really risky because it lacked a lot of punch and energy for it to be fun but it was commendable for doing something very different. Immediately in this 3 way tag, I notice the lack of polish and fleshed out look the other two videos had. @soulfrost x & @argudenhighlights and CPZero had more concise exaggerated edits where it really highlighted their video story telling capabilities while @sts & @Everette was just a little too relaxed for me personally.

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