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Wrestling Randy Orton - Vibes


It took me around 12 hours to finish this. I put more effort into than my first video, I am very satisfied the final outcome.

Lee, once again thanks for your "The Coldest Strike" video. You are the reason why I start to editing wrestling. Such an inspiration
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Very good progress compared to your first video. Think you worked better with the song chosen and the variation of clips was better between action and expressive footage. Not sure of how long you've been editing but based on your progress from your 1st wrestling edit, you just need to become more familiar with how to use wrestling footage which shouldn't take too much longer. Will say that the transition used felt out of place and something I'd avoid using for a bit. Seem to depend on it, but just hasn't flowed well with your recent work.

Made a list of things that I thought were a little off. Maybe it'll help further your progress even more.

  • RKO at 0:58 & Sledgehammer hit at 1:07: Sudden camera change makes for a rough cut and can throw off the overall pace. In this case, I would either extend the clip more to show the full impact of the move or avoid the clips altogether and replace them with action moves that have a close and steady shot if the pace requires tighter cuts.
  • DDT at 1:09: Too far to really see what's going on. Would've used a clip at a closer angle
  • Kick at 1:36: Kind of avoid showing the impact of the kick which I thought was needed here.
  • The weapon hit to Dusty Rhodes at 1:38: The timing of the hit was off and didn't show much impact. Just pay more attention to how you lead in a clip to make the best use of it.
  • Sequence from 1:41-1:51: The footage used slowed down the momentum, imo. Would've used more impactful moves to sustain the pace.
  • Clip choice at 2:07: A bit random compared to the footage used.
Solid work overall.


Appreciate the feedback, I'll keep it in my mind. The biggest issue I have is the camera angle. When you editing video games, you control the camera angle. You have cinematics so it's a lot easier, and also i'm not used to editing wrestling. My third video will be in a few weeks, I'll add sync & flow. I won't rush, i'll take my time.