Results for Videomania XI


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Videomania XI Results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. Sign-ups for our next event will be up this weekend.

The Main Event
YOHAN vs EvulPick [2]
Winner: @EvulPick

FBM vs CheeZe [8]
Winner: @CheeZe

PEANUT [1] vs Jdark [5]
Winner: @Jdark

Tag Team Championship Match
CP0 [2] vs Kings of Fate [2]
Draw contest. CP0 (@CheeZe & @Paroxysm) retains

Sarcastic [6] vs Shvmbu
Winner: @sarcastic

STS [7] vs Sw4veyy [2]
Winner: @sts

Pheonix Championship Match
Hxrdeep Editz [3] vs Dynamiteskye vs Rebeca
Winner and new Phoenix Champion, @Hxrdeep Editz

Titantron Exhibition
AWESOME TU [5] vs STS [2]

DBF [1] vs Argudenhighlights vs Twistedsisterx [3]
Winner: @twistedsisterx
Votes deducted. If I got anything wrong, please message me. Had to vote in at least 4 matches to avoid deductions.
Evulpick [4]
Jdark [4]
Hxrdeep Editz [2]
YOHAN [All votes received]
FBM [All votes received]
Dynamiteskye [All votes received]
Argudenhighlights [All votes received]