Phoenix Rumble Round 2: SFX vs. LeanyMcMeany

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Nov 14, 2018
Syncing - 6/10
Pacing - 6/10
Clips Selection - 8/10
Presentation - 7/10
Overall Entertainment - 7/10

Syncing - 5/10
Pacing - 4/10
Clips Selection - 6/10
Presentation - 6/10
Overall Entertainment - 7/10

this is the first Ambrose video I've seen since his turn and overall I'd say it's ok. A font like this, despite being quite intense, looks pretty bland when you just make it white and put it in front of a black screen. It does the job tho, I actually liked the added text with the lyrics and stuff. Voiceovers were a bit too quiet and instead of intensely lowering the volume of the song pieces, you could've turned the volume of the voiceover up a bit because I could barely hear anything Ambrose said. Syncing and pacing was a bit of a hit and miss, at times it seemed to work quite well and then you lost it again, especially during the match recap when the song got a bit out of hand. Also make sure to distance yourself from using clips where the camera angle changes a lot. Just use a replay (if there is one) or maybe even leave it out entirely and find something else that fits. The flashback to the initial turn, during their match, was done very well and looked quite smooth. The CC also worked well with the topic of the video, just wish you wouldn't have used the clip with the "new IC champ" nameplate at the bottom after Dean won.

Vote: SFX
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