Wrestling SD Weeklies Promo


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Oct 20, 2018

HEY GUYS!!!! Been doing a lot of planning and catching up for this, but I'm finally ready to make this announcement.

Starting on Thursday, January 23, 2020, it's the debut episode of a new series by me called the Smackdown Weeklies. These weeklies be mostly 5-7 minute short videos of segments involving the World Heavyweight Championship. These segments include match highlights, promos (text based), backstage segments and surprise full matches. Typically, 4 weeklies will lead up to a full length match just like the previous matches I've been doing. I wanted to build the matches up a lot more than having just promos. Plus, I've always wanted to have my own wrestling promotion in a sense. I'm gonna try my best to keep this going and update you guys if something ever goes wrong or gets delayed. It's gonna be a great year! I got some interesting ideas and matchups that I wanna create and share. Thanks for your patience. Let's get it! I’ll also be posting updates and news about the series on IG and Twitter: @p1nerd
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