Sentimental vs. Melancholy

Midnight Jazz

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Oct 23, 2018
San Mateo, California
In my opinion theres a fine line between the two. Both provoke an emotional cause with both having its pros and cons in a video. I argue melancholy has more of an edge over the former.

Sentimental has more of a retrospective outlook. It is more reflective in a tribute sense. When used it could be powerful but it also has its double edged sword because it may isolate a large part of your viewing audience. What may be meaningful to some may look random without context or backstory. This is imo its biggest drawback.
Its a fine video with Coldplay. Nothing really wrong with it.
Nickleback is imo a very sentimental band but of course nobody in 2019 is using this band. I'm only using them as an extreme example. lol

Melancholy is more introspective. A lot of unique camera work (panning left to right, zoom ins, zoom outs etc) and video photography can create great atmosphere, vibe, scenery and character. Surprisingly a lot of hip hop today are extremely melancholic like J Cole, the Migos, Drake, Travis Scott, and even Post Malone.
I think there is much better creative input here than the former because it looks universally better even if you know nothing or even hate batman. The mood really carries the video.

In summary the second video is more dimensional and is universally better looking than the first. The first though being heart felt and thoughtful lacks real input from its creator.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?