Team New School vs Team Old School


Team New School- What else can one say about this video except...Wowzers. What did I love about this?
The intro was a great touch since it opened the gates for the rest of the video's awesomeness. Syncing was well done even creative in some instances, pacing was on point, video effects were used solidly without making the video too artsy nor the quality too diminished and the use of voiceover was magnifique.
Team Old School- If someone were to forget why we love wrestling and the emotion behind videos, may they look at this one & get a reminder.
The use of photo syncing was well done(kinda reminded me of Rocky 4 minus the desaturation), syncing itself was paid well attention to, pacing was very solid and the aesthetics were pleasing to a point of tears.

Both teams deserve all the credit in the world for the heart, thought and long hours spent editing their masterpieces. Unfortunately, old school or new, there can only be one. My vote goes to: TEAM NEW SCHOOL.


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Team New School: This whole concept just screamed what me and SWL cooked up for the Team Champion vs. Team Contenders gimmick we did a while back. Even saying that, I really enjoyed this a lot. This song was so fun and works so good with the clip selection throughout the video. My favourite part of the video was 4:10 with the whole Eric Bugenhagen part. For the most part the syncing and pacing was really good, just realised some issues around whoever did the part 2:37 onwards for just a short time. Overall, nice work guys, this was really impressive.

Team Old School: Honestly, flawless feels like it ain't even the right word. There's literally nothing I can say that's negative. There was so much emotion with every part, it just felt like a love letter to pro wrestling. There was some beautiful clip selection and just overall a masterful video.

Vote: I loved both videos a lot and had so much fun watching both these videos in the match, but I gotta give it to Team Old School.
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Team Old School : The first time I saw this video from SWL's channel and I thought he teamed up with up and coming editors but the editing was waay too crisp and I went like damn these new editors are becoming good. But then the credits rolled and I understood why lol. This is honestly perfect I always LOVE superstar montage with some old school rock song. And almost every clip doesn't feel random. Videos like this gives me the motivation to edit again. Amazing work guys!

Team New School : This was amazing aswell! From the song selections and with effects. Everything was so pleasing and I gave me calming and happy feeling after watching it. There were a bit nit picky little few things but I don't wanna point it out too much. I'm looking forward to every single editor's singles videos! Ending and beggining was just too damn good. Now I can really say the New School of editors are in good hands :) Well fucking done guys!

Vote: This is just a personal vote because both of the videos were just too damn GOOD! I personally enjoyed and rewatched Team Old School's video. Amazing work from everyone!