Wrestling The Aspiring Heights


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This was alright, but think it's time for you to start paying more attention to detail. You lost me with a lot of your clip choices as they felt out of place (examples-1:34,1:37,1:40,1:42-1:44,1:47-1:50, and 1:52). This was way too short to use what felt like filler clips that didn't necessarily match the tone of the song choice or concept, imo. The callbacks with the masking and old footage felt unnecessary and forced. Just didn't think it was needed.

Editing was a bit rough as well. Timing and pacing lagged a bit and seemed as if you were never comfortable with the song selection. You're capable, but you tend to be very inconsistent editing wise which shows you're rushing things. Also know you're into motion design and try to add that to your vids, but an intro that took away about a quarter of your time was a bit much.

Decent work, but like I've been telling you, put more time into your work. I shouldn't see some of the mistakes for someone who has been active for as long as you have.
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