Wallpaper - Toni Storm


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May be a bit rusty ain't used photoshop in a long time and have none of my old brushes/graphic resources so I was pretty much googling everything. Tell me what you think.



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Focal point (main image) is fine and proportioned well. Typography is solid as well though I felt the effects added makes it look sloppy. Also don't have much of a scheme behind the look either, so it would've been better without the effects.

Foreground images could use some work. Placement of them seems uninspired without a lot of thought put into it and the blending could've been better. Stands out a tad too much as well which leaves my eyes wondering. Lowering the opacity helps it a bit.

Decent work.

Midnight Jazz

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I felt the background kinda killed the foreground as its blended and lost into the back. I know its a collage so there should've been a finer line between the main pic and the bg. Yea?