What inspired you to start editing ?


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Oct 19, 2018
Always liked WWE/F titantrons for some reason, so grew so fascinated by them that I started looking for places that had them. I went to the Library nearly every weekend when I was in my early teens and ran across a site called Wrestledoublek. Was a place that shared WWE/F promos and titantrons, so that's what immediately drew my interest.

The person that ran the site also created music videos that sparked my interest. A combination of his work, Kashamedia and works I've seen from WDK's affiliate at that time, WrestleFury, was what made me start. Wrestlefury really stuck out at the time as they made video's that really stood out compared to any other community because of the technical ability showcased by most members. Was never able to showcase my stuff on WF, but did on Final Product (predecessor to WF) and it got reviewed by my biggest inspiration, Rawm2000.

From that point I was hooked.
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Oct 25, 2018
When I was like 11 or something I saw some cool WWE MVs on a Bulgarian website and I noticed they all are uploaded by the same user, so I thought she downloads them from youtube and uploads them in there because I had no idea how it's possible to make something like this, but later I was told that she makes these videos and I was stunned. I really wanted to learn how to make videos like that so I texted her, she told me a few things about SV, and from there I started learning new things by myself. The first time when she saw one of my videos she texted me and I felt so happy, I knew I wanted to this for as long as I can and here I am today, still learning.
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Oct 23, 2018
Can't really remember how I started doing wrestling MVs specifically. I had been interested in the titantrons created years ago. My first exposure to the MV format came from being on a now-defunct forum Wrestling Disclosure. Can't remember the exact first MV that got me into creating videos but somewhere along the way I stumbled upon a video by IconicMVz (Now Shotgun Stevens). I believe he promoted A2E in the video "Bring Me To Life" and that video specifically got me into wrestling edit videos.

Since that video I was introduced to A2E and subsequently, Leelee, RoyMVz, Durty530, JerichoMNC and Daniel Goland on youtube and I loved the medium that this presented me. Somehow, I'm still here lurking.