Why JordanMVs "Lose you to Love me" was better than Olraid's "Dangerous" video

Midnight Jazz

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This match took place in the last competition where Olraid won with a decision of 5 to 4.

A lot of results in the comp could've went either way really but I felt the need to extend on this one because of how close it was. This was a close match (closer than I thought) and I wanted some closure for myself mainly. I also wanted to further expand into this match because in comps I only give enough details why one video edges out the other. This is also my attempt at objectivity. Attempt.



I voted for JordanMVs

*Don't take this personally Olraid. You're a nice editor. lol If it wasn't you it would have been someone else.
** This is my attempt to objectify this match and maybe to simplify things for myself
*** I don't care for Selena Gomez or Sasha Banks to be clear lol I am much more pro Asuka than Banks


Argument 1
Asuka MV had poor pacing. The lack of rhythm in this video is evident in its monotone nature because it is synchronized to the tedious beat in the background. There’s a lot to unpack here. Now you are asking what is so darn important about rhythm? What does monotone look like? etc. You may as well ask why we value synchronization so highly. The energy level of this video is not present. The energy of this song is not present. Moreover, the strong energy from Michael Jacksons vocals are not present (Not a big MJ fan btw). What is happening here is that the point of synchronization is lost because the energy of said song is denied & deflected. Because the syncs here are so minimized and relegated to a redundant beat in the background it is actually a distraction because of its non-fluidity. What was being highlighted was deferred to this monotonous beat.

I am by no means an audiophile and sync is not the most important thing in an MV but I still feel there has to be a good rational for it. There is no 'one' right way but I'm confident there is a wrong way.

Before anyone may say this is a poor representation, or not best work, or not everything can be perfect. This video was carefully coordinated because of the consistency so the video was deliberately put together like so.

There may also be an argument that this was a neutral edit or "professional" edit of some here like to put it. In the context of an editing competition, editing around your subject instead of over the subject there is skills involved but it would be missing large personal input because you're not editing for yourself, your editing for your subject. Argument 1 was too critical and still applies to this video.

In comparison to the Sasha Banks video, it was night and day to put it frankly. This was the most glaring thing of this match up.

Argument 2
Sync is not everything so we must... look at everything else.
Just from the way how the Sasha Banks video was coordinated, there is more power and heightened emphasis. If you would take out the little story or voiceovers, the exaggerated edits like speed changes themselves are highlighting more circumstances and situations. In fact, if you would mute it, there are numerous communications and illustrations in these edits which demonstrates some advanced story telling capabilities. JordanMVs always had this. The coordination to the song was just icing on the cake.

JordanMVs is so decisive in what was wanted and needed to be highlighted it shows the maturity gap between the editors.

Yes I am aware of live footage vs. wwe prerendered video. The asuka video was a risky decision but it was a conscious decision, nonetheless. The Sasha Banks video looked cinematically, aesthetically much better.

Argument 3
I think everyone's main take way from the Sasha Banks video was the nice tightly put together profile of Sasha banks. Agreed. Because Sasha never resonated with me, I prioritized this last. Simple.

Asuka video robbed of energy. Sasha Banks mv was better looking. The banks biography was also not bad.
Agree or disagree?
If I had a vote, I would have totally gone with JordanMvs. That video was one of the best I have ever seen in this community.

Certainly, there was plenty of fun stuff and great editing in the Asuka video.

But holy fucking shit did that Sasha Banks one blow me away.

It is not often you see such commitment to an idea for a video. Amazing stuff.


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Holy crap, thank you so much for this. I really am just happy to continue building on my editing each time I create something and seeing what I've done in my decade of editing is mind boggling. I really, really appreciate your kind words about my Sasha video; it's probably one of my favorite video's I've ever made and partially because I like to always put an element of my own life or perspective into my videos, this being the quote that's in the title slide, because it resonates with me, as it did with Sasha in my opinion. Again, thank you for this, this really made my day


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I completely agree with everything you said.

But as far as competitions go novelty almost always trumps everything else. This isn't a complaint or an endorsement but something I've noticed. People tend to prefer new and unique over well executed. Obviously not 100% of the time, but more often than not. Trying to fight it is going to be really frustrating.

An Asuka video with MJ is just less expected than a Sasha Banks MV with Selena. Community biases aside you can predict most matches by comparing the song, superstar, and general idea of the videos and seeing which seems more interesting.


I never would expected a thread about match between someone's and me to be honest haha. I did not take it personally, this was one more competition that allowed me to see and improve so many things as a editor. I'm glad you took the time to make this to clarify doubts, I feel grateful. This is another reason to keep working to be a better editor.
Thank you.