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Still have until the 13th (changed date) to vote in the VideoMania matches.
what independent companies have u guys been watching? could set uo some discussion threads if there are any common companies listed.
Me: I want to try and make a wrestling video.

Also me: I need to relearn how to do that and make it not suck.
go for it man
Missed the entire first hour. Dog jumped on my remote which somehow freaked the cable box out and now it won’t connect to the server.
My videos don't get a lot of views. but I'm okay with that. I'm finally at a point where I'm creating the stuff that I want and how I want and I'm happy with that.

Only took a nine year sabbatical to make that possible.
Went searching my Username on youtube to see if I could find my old old account. I was surprised to find that three of my videos were uploaded to the A2E YouTube channel. One of which is my Matrix video. I’m surprised about that one in particular because I’m very ashamed of that video. It is not my best work. At all.
I can unlist it. Wanted to archive as many of A2E's vids as possible but don't want to have stuff on there that's not wanted.
Kai Koshimoro
Kai Koshimoro
It has like 7 views I’m not worried about it I’m just surprised that its up there lol
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