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  1. Kai Koshimoro

    WWE Discussion Thread

    At this point they need to give him an ultimatum. Go to rehab or your fired.
  2. Kai Koshimoro

    What was the last complete TV series or season you watched?

    One Piece Episode 516 which is the last episode before the two year time skip. Yes. I am counting this.
  3. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    I recently took a pole and found out that 100% of the people in the tent were angry when it collapsed.
  4. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    I was at the store and this guy comes in, grabs a calendar and runs out. He stole it right in front of me. He got 12 months.
  5. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    Due to noise complaints, they passed a law in Hawaii that you’re no longer allowed to laugh above a certain decibel. It’s crazy. Now you can only use a low ha.
  6. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    Scientists have discovered a rock that is floating just outside of our atmosphere that’s 5,280 feet long. That’s gotta be some kind of milestone.
  7. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    You probably didn’t know this, but we owned pet bunnies. Unfortunately, last week they escaped. My kids have been taking it really hard. Which isn’t fair to them. They are too young to be dealing with hare loss.
  8. Kai Koshimoro

    Dad Jokes

    What starts with a W and ends with a T? No, really it does.
  9. Kai Koshimoro

    What is your favorite weather?

    I prefer fall weather. Preferably light jacket weather. I live in Kentucky so fuck winter and snow in general. But I like overnight heavy rain while I sleep. It’s soothing.
  10. Kai Koshimoro

    WWE Discussion Thread

    I’m sorry what?!
  11. Kai Koshimoro

    How is everybody holding up during this time?

    Small update one year later (seriously what the fuck.) I’m still working a shit ton, but I’ve had one dose of the Moderna vaccine and will be getting my second dose on April 3rd. My parents and my brother are getting their second doses within the next week. One step closer to getting some form...
  12. Kai Koshimoro

    Honest Question

    If you would have asked me 10 years ago when I was fully active as an editor I would have said that I was desperate to be acknowledged as a good editor. Ask Jazzy, wherever he is. I was always sending him short videos that I never finished to see if I improved or what he thought. I was always...
  13. Kai Koshimoro

    Film Exhibition STS vs. Sarcastic vs. Kamran

    Sts- Of the three videos I feel that this is best edited on a technical level, but in terms of a story I couldn’t really follow it. I feel like it would have been better to use more audio clips from the film to help convey the story to the viewer. I understand that it’s in another language so...
  14. Kai Koshimoro

    WWE Discussion Thread

    So Drake Wuertz and a group of friends forced their way into a federal building unmasked the other day, because Florida. Wuertz is an absolute danger to everyone in NXT
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