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  1. HeadCheese

    Wrestling TheGoofTroop- Inside Out

    Really fun liked the lip syncing and dancing. Liked the glow!! Very fun!! Thank you for sharing!! Also yay Jiro!!!
  2. HeadCheese

    General Wrestling Discussion

    Highly recommend checking out Enjoy Wrestling. They do so many sweet and cool things (having pronouns in entrance cards, having natural feeling diversity, having a person doing sign language for ring introductions). The venues and production is gorgeous. There's motion match graphics!! There's...
  3. HeadCheese

    Last match you watched?

    Bryan Keith vs. Davey Richards from New Texas Pro Texas Indie Showcase was so good!!! Both these a wrestlers of have a lot of striking similarities (use of wordplay slightly indented). Smiled lots while watching. Its on IWTV!!
  4. HeadCheese

    General Wrestling Discussion

    A match I really enjoyed between from 6/6 Cyberfight Festival NOAH vs. DDT Kaito Kiyomiya and Yoshiki Inamura vs. The 37KAMIINA (Konosuke Takeshita and Yuki Ueno)
  5. HeadCheese

    Editing Software (2021)

    Windows Live Movie Maker and VideoPad sometimes for effects sometimes
  6. HeadCheese

    Last match you watched?

    I just watched Miyako Matsumoto beat up Freddie Krueger from Pro Wrestling Magic Box (I think) from May 4th. Miyako Matsumoto is an icon
  7. HeadCheese

    High Quality Limitless Wrestling Highlight Archives

    Limitless Wrestling did something neat includes entrances and some moves
  8. HeadCheese

    Last match you watched?

    Watched Christian Cassanova vs. Daneil Garcia from Limitless Wrestling that was released today!!! Its a great match!!! Big important match atmosphere accentuated with emotion captured beautifully and some perspective shots I don't I've ever seen before in a wrestling match
  9. HeadCheese

    Honest Question

    I feel like I am in a weird space because I have really edited regularly for a for probably for a few years and even than my editing was mainly reaching noticeably other board editors and really reaching a consistent outside feedback I feel. I also often tend to edit things that would probably...
  10. HeadCheese

    Last match you watched?

    Ice Ribbon's Tax Pro Wrestling was really fun. All the matches at least enjoyable and fun. The main event the very, very fun creative take on tag team matches/tax trivia! There's also singing & anime!! The wrestling matches portion goes about 1hr10m [ Spoiler tag for the match list
  11. HeadCheese

    Last match you watched?

    2/14 Chris Brookes, Maki Ito and Super Delfin vs. Keigo Nakamura, MAO and Mirai Maiumi DDT Kawasaki Strong - OSAKA Pro and Michinoku Pro spots - Gran Itoh Maki Naniwa Super Delfin - Fun athletic action A joy to watch
  12. HeadCheese

    Yuna Mizumori/Yunamon Illustration

    Tropical arting yahho!!!!!
  13. HeadCheese

    Packs ATTACK Pro Road to Sacrifice

    ATTACK Pro is giving a free show away with the code FREESACRIFICE The card is 1. Danny Jones vs Dan Moloney 2. Shay FU vs Rufio 3. Dani Luna vs Aleah James 4. Ring Crew Express vs ELIJAH 5. Brendan White vs Dereiss (Rap Battle) 6. Kyle Fletcher, Shota...
  14. HeadCheese

    Feel good light hearted wrestling stuff thread

    Wrestlers singing on twitter be like Mei Seruga Yuji Okabayashi Razerhawk and Danjerhawk (Xyberhawx2000)
  15. HeadCheese

    Feel good light hearted wrestling stuff thread

    Wrestling stuff that helps you feel good, thats light hearted comedy, nothing too intense
  16. HeadCheese

    A2E ACT X: Decennial

    Is this still going on
  17. HeadCheese

    Sign Up Thread

    I am willing to tag with gurryman
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