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  1. Jdark

    Guess who's back?

    Welcome back.
  2. Jdark

    Drunken History: LeeLee vs TheRock420RVD: VideoMania...something

    In my opinion Lee wins this one. I grew up loving watching both of them (when they were both still actively making videos) when I was just starting out. Lee always seemed to deliver AND more, he had that extra UMPH in his videos. He is easily one of the most talented editors to ever cross these...
  3. Jdark

    Well Hello Hello Hello

    Welcome to A2E.
  4. Jdark

    RATLSNAKE says g'day!

    Feels like some sort of reunion going with all the old schoolers popping up. Welcome back.
  5. Jdark

    Project 86 here been awhile

    Welcome back P86.
  6. Jdark

    Sign-Up Thread

    I have something that I've been working on that I could use. In for the rumble.
  7. Jdark

    Youtube copyright

    You could also try cropping/blurring out the WWE logo, it usually works for me.
  8. Jdark

    Sign-Up Thread

    In for wrestling.
  9. Jdark

    Rumors/Spoiler Vince McMahon Threatens To Punish Talent Engaging With Third Parties

    Independent contractors, huh? Lol. Hopefully this backfires on them hard.
  10. Jdark

    How much did your computer cost when you first purchased it?

    Around $1200 when I initially built it (2016/2017). I have upgraded parts over the years (RAM,CPU,Motherboard etc) so I've definitely invested some more into my PC afterwards. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade here again soon with the new GPUs being announced.
  11. Jdark

    How's your internet speed?

    I can't imagine what downloading media/video games is like on that speed, must be a real pain.
  12. Jdark

    almost ten years lol

    Welcome back.
  13. Jdark

    Wrestling The Old Hunter

  14. Jdark

    VideoMania XI - Official Card & Discussion Thread

    The card looks great, can't wait to see what everyone brings to the table. Good luck to you all.
  15. Jdark

    Any OG's still around?

    Welcome back. Always cool to see past forum users.
  16. Jdark

    Sign Up Thread

    In for singles wrestling.
  17. Jdark


    Welcome back.
  18. Jdark


    Always nice to see a familiar name pop up, welcome back FBM. Hope youre holding up well despite everything going on in the world right now.
  19. Jdark

    Wrestling Descent Into Darkness

  20. Jdark

    Hello! TheGoofTroop makes his debut

    Hello and welcome to A2E.
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