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2021 Junkie Awards Nominations


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Oct 19, 2018
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A2E wants to showcase the best 2021 had to offer and we need your help with nominating our categories. This is not just limited to A2E videos, so if you want to showcase other videos you think deserve a nomination, please nominate them. Please try to limit your choices to three per category.

Have until January 14th to reply with your nominations

Video Categories
Best Overall Edit
Best Technical (Pure) Edit
Best Conceptual Edit
Best Long-Form Edit (6 minutes or more)
Best Short-Form Edit (2 minutes or less)
Best Female-Based Edit
Best Male-Based Edit
Best Collaborative Edit (Two Editors)
Best Collaborative Edit (Three or more Editors)
Best Edit [Aesthetics]

Custom-Edit Categories
Best Overall Entrance Video
Best Aesthetics (Entrance Video)
Best Original Motion Design (Entrance Video)
Best Highlight Video

Editor Categories
Best Editor
Best Team
Most Improved
Rising Editor
Best Entrance Video Maker

Exhibition Categories
Best Match
Best Competition

Member Categories (A2E Members Only)
Best Media Contributor
Most helpful
Member of the Year
Nicest Member
Top Bottom