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Junkie Awards 2020 Winners


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Oct 19, 2018
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Video Categories
Best Overall Edit
@revolution: Diamonds Are Forever

Best Technical (Pure) Edit
@CheeZe: Io Shirai (STFU)

Best Conceptual Edit
@sarcastic: She Dreams in Valerian

@SWL: Mort Lente

Best Long-Form Edit (6 minutes or more)
@revolution: Diamonds are Forever

Best Short-Form Edit (2 minutes or less)
@Storm: H Y P A

Best Female-Based Edit
@CheeZe: The Evolution of Asuka Part 3

@mrartisticnerd: Everywhere

Best Male-Based Edit
@Resolution : Villain

@shvmbu: SWERVES House

Best Collaborative Edit (Two Editors)
CP0 (@CheeZe & @Paroxysm ) - Otis: All Star

Best Collaborative Edit (Three or more Editors)
Everybody Loves Me
Editors: @GoldenSkulls, @DBF, @LeanyMcMeany, @Elite, & @AWESOME TU

NXT: Secrets
Editors: @Paroxysm, @CheeZe, @Resolution, @EvulPick, & @SWL

Best Edit [Aesthetics]
@Paroxysm: AEWastelands

Custom-Edit Categories
Best Overall Entrance Video
@DashingRKO619 : Io Shirai

Best Aesthetics (Entrance Video)
@DashingRKO619 : Io Shirai

Best Visual Effects/Motion Design (Entrance Video)
@DashingRKO619 : Io Shirai

Best Custom Video Package
@DashingRKO619 : WWE Raw "Across The Nation" Intro Remake

Best Highlight Video
@revolution : Bad Weather: WK9 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kota Ibushi

Editor Categories
Best Editor

Best Team
CP0 (@CheeZe & @Paroxysm)

Most Improved

Rising Editor

Best Titantron Maker

Forum Categories
Best Match
CheeZe(c) vs. Revolution: MVZ World Championship Match (The MV Zone 15th Anniversary Event)

Best Competition
The MV Zone: Vidmas 2020

Best Media Contributor

Most helpful

Member of the Year

Nicest Member
@sarcastic & @Leelee
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